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Why People use a Cock Ring?

Why People use a Cock Ring?

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Why People use a Cock Ring?

A person may consider using a cock ring for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Erectile dysfunction: For people who can achieve an erection but have difficulty maintaining one, a cock ring may help. A cock ring traps the blood inside the penis, which can help keep it harder for longer. In cases where a person is unable to achieve an erection, they may pair a cock ring with a penis vacuum, also known as a penis pump.
  • More stimulation for all parties: Some cock rings may also contain one or two small vibrating devices. As well as being pleasurable for the person wearing the cock ring, these devices can also stimulate their partner or partners.
  • Increased sensation: Wearing a cock ring may increase the sensation in the penis, leading to a more pleasurable experience

Sex Toys

  • A person may consider using a cock ring alongside other sex toys, such as a dildo or butt plug. This combination can be pleasurable for masturbation or to use on a consenting partner.

SOURCE: MedicalNewsToday

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