Nipple Orgasms: What Are They and How Do I Get One?

It’s fake news that you can only get off via private parts. You can actually orgasm through various erogenous zones, including your nipples.

Stimulating the nips can trigger pleasure throughout your entire body. Here’s everything you need to know about nipple play to get to the big finish.

Is it cold or are you just happy to see me?
The nipples are an erogenous zone, an area of the body that feels extra great when it’s touched. Some examples (other than nipples) are the lips, earlobes, neck, and inner thighs.

Nipples are super sensitive thanks to nerve endings. This is good news for women and men because they both have these nerve endings throughout the breast area.

How it works
When your nips get aroused, they send a message to your genital sensory cortex. That’s the same part of the brain that’s in charge of genital stimulation. That’s why stimulating nips can lead to bangin’ orgasms.

Think of nipple orgasms as a wave of pleasure. The sensation spreads across your erogenous areas, building up and up until it crashes across your body. (Basically, it feels awesome.)

If you have a vagina, nipple orgasms may be more intense when the crimson tide comes rolling in. The hormonal fluctuations that come with your period can increase breast and nipple sensitivity, which can heighten your sensations (or make your nipples too sensitive).

Everyone (usually) has nipples and therefore nipple orgasms are for anyone.

There are no exact stats on who is more likely to orgasm through nipple play. But it’s a normal part of sex to have your nips flicked, pinched, and sucked. When it comes to anything sexual, it’s about what works for you. Maybe nipple play isn’t your thing (but don’t knock it till you try it).

Even if you don’t climax from nipple tuning alone, it may still enhance your orgasms.

Benefits of nip-gasms
Happiness and heart health. There are benefits to having sex and orgasms, period. Studies have found orgasms release happiness promoting chemicals in your brain, which can enhance your mood and overall health. They may also reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues later in life.
Multiple Os. Nipple play is also a great way to achieve multiple orgasms. You can climax through nipple play and then move on to your other erogenous zones. Or try a combo approach.
Spice up your (sex) life. Additionally, nipple play is a great way to spice up your sex life. During a whoopie session, nipples often get 30 seconds of attention, if any at all. Nipples deserve more. Make nips the star of the show.

SOURCE: Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST — Written by Lianna Bass on April 28, 2020

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