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Nipple Guide Size


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NIPPLE Size GUIDE, Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry, nipple Rings, Fake Nipple Jewellery.

I made this Nipple Size Guide in order to help to choose the best Nipple Jewelry for you.

To be sure about your Nipple size the simple way is using a thread. Roll the thread around the nipple and then measure its length. After recount it in diameter.

You don’t have to purchase this item but it is available in case you want to.

Here is the way to use this printable :

First cut the holes in this page, the nipple have to be erected. Then gently put the nipple through the hole that looks like might be right size.
You may have to try several different sizes to find the right one. It should fit snug enough to remain in it, but not tight or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Also be sure to measure both sides.

Some people have nipples that relax a little after they are first put on. In that case, you may need a size a little smaller than when first put on the rings.

Some nipples will not stay erect while squeezing these rings. Unfortunately, they may not work for those people. The nipples are cone-shaped, may or may not work, depending on the cone-shaped arch. And inverted nipples won’t work.

I hope this helps. Contact me if you have more questions.


Special note: I made the Nipple Jewelry with different sort of wires and gauges for functionality and design. All wires are flexible, (e.g., soft copper, memory wire, aluminum, etc.), which means on occasion, your jewelry may flex out of place. If that should happen, gently flex or bend it back into place to re-shape your jewelry. If the band of a ring warps, just fit the band onto a round object, such as a marker, lipstick, or nail polish bottle to re-shape.


Care instructions: Maintain finish by limiting contact with water, lotions, oils, and other liquids.

Please try to keep your Jewelry always protecting by using a jewelry box or jewelry pouch bag.

Copyright © repior All rights reserved
Prints are for personal use only. Please do not sell, share, or distribute any of these digital files.


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